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ISP-01 - Information Security Roles and Responsibilities

This policy outlines information security roles and responsibilities at Parkland College, assigning specific duties to various stakeholders to ensure compliance and protect data.

ISP-02 - Responsible Use Policy

Outlines the accountability for all individuals at Parkland College to engage in responsible conduct when using Parkland's information systems.

ISP-03 - Information Security Risk Management Policy

Managing Information Security Risk at Parkland College

ISP-04 - Access Control and Authentication Policy

Governs the control of access and authentication methods

ISP-05 - Information Security Awareness and Training Policy

Support and direction for developing and managing the information security awareness and training program

ISP-06 - Incident Management and Response Policy

Defines requirements regarding the management of, and response to, information security incidents at Parkland College.

ISP-08 - Vulnerability Management Policy

Governs the management and treatment of vulnerabilities in information systems at Parkland College.

ISP-09 - Data Classification Policy

Classification of data at Parkland College

ISP-10 - IT Asset Management Security Policy

Governs the management of Technology Assets

ISP-11 - Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Policy

Governs requirement for Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity

ISP-12 - Vendor, Supplier, and Third-Party Security Policy

Ensures secure engagement with vendors, suppliers, and third parties through evaluation, assessing risks, managing contracts, controlling access, and maintaining documentation.

ISP-13 - Email and Electronic Communications Security Policy

Ensuring the secure, effective, and responsible use of electronic communications in and for Parkland College.

ISP-15 - Mobile Device Policy

Ensures data protection on Mobile Devices

ISP-16 - Information Lifecycle Policy

Governs the lifecycle of information and information assets

Information Security Policy Enforcement

Enforcement of Information Security Policies

Information Security Term Definitions

Definitions of terms used across policies and standards